4minute fan challenge!  [1/2] favorite japanese mvs.

(favorite lyrics in) ready go

4minute fan challenge!  [2/3] quotes you love.

gayoon unnie  is close to everyone. [this is because] she doesn’t frown and has a kind and gentle personality. in the group, she’s the most adult-like person. i hope to have such qualities like hers. […] oh yes, i’m envious of unnie’s thin ankles and vocals.” -hyuna

4minute fan challenge!  [1/3] favorite photoshoots.

gayoon for 1st look (july & september 2013)

4minute fan challenge!  [1/3] quotes you love.

as the oldest unnie, i feel obligated to brag about my younger members. 4minute is really cool. even though they look imposing, they’re surprisingly gentle and innocent yet very skilled. although they look like [they’re] in their element as idols on stage and play hard, it’s only a part they play. their image off stage is a complete reversal.” -leader namji 

as requested by a lovely anon a while ago (sorry for being slow as usual, omg; i made this when you asked for it but i’m only posting it now bc now i have time to do it) i went ahead and made a 4minute fan challenge/meme thing! 

feel free to not do some of these and adjust the numbers as needed since this is kind of a lot.

*if your 4minute biases haven’t really changed from the start, i’d just do your top 2 4minute biases instead!