unfinished fics? I love those. the way they just (clenches fists)


Hey boojuhyun!! thanks for the awesome idea to make red velvet pixel cursors! I didn’t know exactly which ones to make, so I just did the basics - being the outfits from the happiness and be natural eras. If you want any of the different Irene pixels I have, just let me know!

the codes for the cursors are under the cut. Anyone can take them, no need for credit, just like or reblog this post if you plan on using them!


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Every rap Yura has sung (ft. Jihae at the beginning):

 1. 영러브 (Young Love) - Every Day
 2. Hug Me Once - Every Day
3. Twinkle Twinkle - Every Day
 4. Don’t Flirt! - Every Day 2
5. I’ll Love - Jevice ft. Yura
 6. Expectation - Expectation
 7. Easy Go - Expectation
8. 그녀를 믿지마 (Don’t Trust Her) - Expectation
9. 어쩜 좋아 (Oh! Great!) - Expectation
10. 나를 잊지마요 (Don’t Forget Me) - Expectation
11. Blue Rain 2012 - The S Part. 2
12. Female President - Female President
13. 말해줘요 (Please Tell Me) - Girl’s Day Party #6
14. 휘파람 (Whistle) - Every Day 3
15. Show You - Every Day 3
16. Summer Party Intro - Every Day 4
17. Darling - Every Day 4
18. Look At Me - Every Day 4
19. 보고싶어 (I Miss You) - I Miss You


KARA Goo Hara - Oh Boy! Magazine Vol.51

queen gyuri for the arena homme plus nov. 2014 issue

Anonymous: check out blogs who like this ? 😁

ok sure idk if anyone will like this though LOL but that’s ok it doesnt seem like anyone’s around rn!

Anonymous: i'm not sure if this is hard, but i feel like lizzy says random stuff a lot, if you find enough things can you make a gifset? like things lizzy says or something, ty~

it could be hard to find vids with subs and stuff but yeah lizzy’s totally unpredictable lmao so this could be easy! i’ll come up with something :)

Anonymous: what makes you follow a blog?

girl groups!

bbo stating the obvious + unrepentant fashion terrorist park narae

watching a kdrama


me: =)

*guy grabs girl by the wrist*

me: =(

make me choose: blonde sojin or red-haired sojin for the-angels-of-my-dreams. (only choosing red bc i’m appreciating blonde sojin 100% of the time and her red hair is amazing too)