140920 MINX - ‘우리 집에 왜 왔니?’ [Music Core]

Nana and Lee Soo Hyuk for NYLON ♥


*drinks water to avoid talking*

Anonymous said:
(same anon) when i watch kira kira slim, girl's day introduced themselves, and when it's yura's turn, she said that she's the visual/the face of the group. and that makes me confused and minah's listed as the visual. anyway i love girl's day. (:

ah ok i see! that is confusing…me too me too. gsd is great. <33


oh my god her reaction to fei’s butt

SECRET Jieun new solo song to feature B.AP Bang Yongguk; storyline deals with homosexual and interracial love



SECRET’s Jieun will be releasing her new solo song, and TS Entertainment has now revealed that B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk will be featured on her title song!

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Anonymous said:
so basically minah's the face of the group because of her popularity? and yura's the visual because of her beauty?

that would be understandable but from what i’ve seen minah’s usually listed as the visual and/or the face of the group. and i’ve never seen anything about yura being considered the visual but anon said they heard she was called the visual on kira kira slim!

Visual applies to ‘best face’ in Korean standards. Whereas Face is the most popular/endorsed member who represents the group. Like in Apink, Naeun is the visual for her beauty but Eunji is the face because of her popularity. I hope this makes sense

yup thanks i just meant that usually the member who’s the visual turns out to be face of the group too! :)

maybe minah is the face of the group and yura is the visual? idk

im very convinced that minah’s the visual anD face of the group (they’re usually the same thing right?) but that’s a good idea omg that would be nice!

Anonymous said:
you're so cute and i hope you're having a wonderful day. i'm always on your blog for everything and i love you *kisses*

 wHY are you being so sweet i love you & thank you for being super cute yourself and sending me this i am very happy ;___; 

Anonymous said:
on girl's day's profiles, minah's the visual. But when i watch kira kira slim, they say yura's the visual.

woah really? i’ve only seen some of kira kira slim out of order lmao so i didn’t know this! i’m pretty sure minah’s been the official visual but i always thought that yura would totally be the visual if minah wasn’t.